Case Studies

Case Studies


Optical Engineers Select the Right India Partner

By learning the nuances of coordinating global engineering projects and programs and effectively managing its offshore supplier, the client establishes consistent levels of productivity and quality.

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Industrial Plumbing Company Chooses Indian Fabrication Shops

By working with six Indian shops to produce nonferrous materials, the client introduced more diversity in its suppliers. Using alternate materials and adjusting the finishing process to Indian capabilities, the client set competitive Indian pricing for equivalent quality.

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Aerospace Co. Leverages Value Engineering from India, Establishes Multi-Source Balance

By redesigning more than 24 complete products the client was able to manufacture about a third of its products exclusively in India. Value engineering and local sourcing were key parts to the success of this manufacturing and sourcing engagement.

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Illumination Products Co. Chooses Laser Welding Shops in India

By securing a reliable supplier, the client survived the retirement of its key skilled workers without impacting its own customers.  The client also gained some degree of control over the shop in India without buying it completely and experienced a substantial labor savings of over 25 percent. Its minority investment has reaped rewards,  as the Indian supplier has won other challenging international orders.

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Personal Care Company Investigates Herbal Alternatives

A global due diligence helps a client in taking the right decision.

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Healthcare Disposables Maker Finds Cost-Effective Supplier for New Polymer

Client reduces production cost by over 50% versus target.


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Consumer Product Leader Seeks IP in Asian Markets

Major home care brand finds promising information on product patents

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Apollo Hospitals – India Healthcare Market

There was a time when in spite of rapid growth, the Apollo group was falling short of sufficient brand communication. The result was that not many knew what the Apollo brand actually stands for. The problem was that the group instead of showing up a single face was presenting quite a lot of faces which weakened and watered down the brand.

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Watch Out For India Consumer Market Pitfalls

Procter & Gamble's India sales grew by over 21 percent in the second quarter of this year. India's largest consumer products company, a unit of Anglo-Dutch Unilever, PLC, reported that its sales were up 9 percent. Michigan's Amway registered an annual growth rate of 19 percent in India last year.

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